Sometimes some people ask why should teak wood use for furniture?

For some people who already know about the virtues of teak wood rather than the others do not require answers to the above questions. But still many of the fans of wood furniture who do not know about excess or primacy Teak compared with other wood.

Advantages Teak compared to other wood of course very much. Maybe I can not mention the whole of the superiority of teak compared to other wood like mahogany, acacia, oak or other wood for furniture.

Among the advantages of teak compared to other wood for furniture are as follows:

1. Beautiful wooden texture. Teak wood has a beautiful texture to make furniture than other wood. the beauty of the texture will be seen when made a furniture product such as benches, chairs, dining table, home furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture, etc…

The resulting furniture will look more beautiful, elegant and luxurious than any other wood.

2. Hold Against Wooden Insect Attack

With natural oil content found in teak plus the density of teak wood, teak wood will be very durable and not porous. very suitable to be made as the basic material of furniture.

3. Resistant to Weather Changes

Teak wood has weather resistant features. Whether it’s Hot or Cold Weather. So Teak Wood is perfect for outdoor furniture. Like made garden benches furniture, Beach chairs, Sun Loungers, Outdoor chairs or hotel balconies.

4. Strong And Not Easy Broken or cracked

Different from other types of wood, Teak Wood has more power than the other Wood. Teak Wood Not Easily has broken or cracked when clashing with other objects.

So if you are using Teak as furniture material. You will greatly save your money because Furniture with the teak base material will last longer can even be inherited to your children and grandchildren.

So little we convey the advantages of Teak Wood For basic materials of furniture compared with other wood.

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