7 Tips on caring for teak wood Furniture

Home and Garden will be more comfortable and beautiful if decorated with nice furniture. Not a few people who buy luxury furniture at a price that is expensive but not the maximum in its care, so that the original furniture is a luxury item will look ordinary because of the lack of our care. This is of course very unfortunate if it happens with your furniture garden outdoor or your home.

Many people know that teak furniture has the endurance for a very long time, this is because teak has a natural oil that is not favored by insects. In addition, the solid fiber makes teak furniture teak wood furniture is very strong and sturdy and resisted to various extreme weather. This makes the Teak wood be the best material for outdoor furniture. But what happens if the good furniture is lacking in care?

If you are currently one of the lovers of teak furniture and you do not know how to treat and care for this furniture, without feeling patronizing you here I will share a little Tips How to care for your teak wood furniture.


Here are some tips for teak wood furniture durable and always look good and luxurious.

1. Place Your Teak Wood Furniture in a Dry Place.

Teak wood is wood resistant to various weather temperatures. But if we let it continue in a humid place. The oxidation and development of fungus will quickly occur in humid weather. Try to place our furniture at a temperature of 25-35 degrees. If we continue to keep the channel in a humid, the state will make our furniture moldy and of course, we do not want this to happen.

2. Clean the surface of the furniture.

In your spare time trying to clean your teak furniture. Often wiped or if too dirty you can wash with a special soap cleaning Furniture.

3. Immediately Clean the dirt attached.

Usually, in addition to dust, Many factors that make our outdoor furniture dirty and stained. If exposed to dirt like bird droppings and others immediately clean up the dirt do not be dry, Because this will make our work more difficult.

4. Use Special Furniture Cleaners.

If you want to wash outdoor furniture try to use a special cleaning for furniture, do not use detergents that can damage the beauty of your teak wood. If you do not find a special cleanser For teak furniture, use leftover tea/tea water immersion can also. Do not use furniture cleaning materials (furniture cleaner) containing solvent materials such as methanol, toluene, acetone etc. These chemicals can clean easily but can damage top layer coatings.

5. Use natural Teak Oil

To keep the beauty of your outdoor furniture to look always new. Use natural teak oil and apply regularly.

6. Do Re-Finishing

It is undeniable that teak furniture has durability and durability. But teak furniture if placed outside the room in a long time will experience color fading. In case of color, fading try Re-Finishing again. By Doing Refinishing in 2-3 years time will make your Furniture always new without having to spend money to buy new furniture.

7. Treat your Furniture well

If you love the furniture you treat him well avoid scratches that can cause the beauty of your furniture is reduced.

So Slight Tips on Caring for Furniture Durable And Durable. If we do the above things well, you can pass on the furniture to your children and grandchildren, such.

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